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Smart Cities

Speaker: Guruduth Banavar, IBM Research, USA

In this series of four lectures, I will provide an technical overview of the area that IBM calls "Smarter Cities" -- cities that utilize information technology to provide better services to citizens in all spheres of urban life, including public safety, transportation, utilities, and social services. In the first lecture, I will define the concept of Smart Systems, and provide a perspective on the evolution of smart systems, as well as the key idea of a 'system of systems'. I will then discuss the many application domains in practical smart systems, as well as the process of engaging citizens and other stakeholders in urban smart systems. The second lecture focuses on information management in cities, starting with sensor-based feedback control systems, information integration, resource management, work management, management of demand and supply, and visualization of this information. The third lecture dives deeper into how this information is used to build models of urban systems, including weather, traffic, and safety systems, and how these models are used for understanding, analyzing, and predicting the behavior of complex urban systems. Finally, the fourth lecture, provides a glimpse of how these concepts come together in real implementation case studies in multiple cities around the world, including crime management in Madrid, traffic management in Singapore, a smart grid in Malta, smarter water management in Washington DC, and a city-wide operations center in Rio de Janeiro.

Lecture 1: Introduction to Smarter Cities. Smart systems definitions. Rationale for smart systems. Domains of smart systems -- public safety, transportation, utilities, buildings. System of systems. Citizen engagement.

Lecture 2: Information Management in Cities. Sensor data. Feedback control systems. Resource management. Work management. Demand / supply management. Information visualization.

Lecture 3: Modeling and Analytics for Cities. Weather prediction. Traffic prediction. Video analytics. System dynamics.

Lecture 4: Smart City Case Studies. Madrid Crime Management. Stockholm traffic management. Malta Smart Grid. DC Water Management. Rio de Janeiro City Operations Center.