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Hometown: Pune
Education: Ph.D.

Why did you decide to come to TRDDC?
People I met on my introductory round at TRDDC seemed to have such strong convictions and confidence about their work, I could relate to them.

Why do you like working at TRDDC?
you have all the freedom and support you need to pursue your academic and non-academic interests.
Also I am impressed with a deeply ingrained and quiet sense of social repsonsibility among some people.

What cool projects have you worked on at TRDDC?
Coming up with a requirements definition method and toolset was fun. Receiving a large scale acceptance among TCS to the method was even more fun!
So is my current project on knowledge assisted requirement evolution.

What are your goals at TRDDC - what are you working to achieve?
I want to create a piece of work that I and TCS can be truly proud of.

What is your favorite perk/benefit about working at TRDDC?
Informal atmosphere and a non-hierarchic culture. Animated, apolitical discussions ( debates actually,)with colleagues, topics unlimited!

What has been the most amazing experience or day you’ve had at TRDDC thus far?
Mr. Ratan Tata visited TRDDC in 2000. seeing him in person was a great experience. Also having Dr. APJ Abdul kalam as guest of honor during the 25th Anniversary of TRDDC.