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Hometown: Pune
Education: M.Sc.(Engg)

Why did you decide to come to TRDDC?
I am interested in learning and applying that knowledge.

Why do you like working at TRDDC?
The TRDDC people and the building :-)

What cool projects have you worked on at TRDDC?
Online Data Privacy, OLAP-Cube, Information Security Projects

What is unique about your role?
Work Satisfaction

What are your goals at TRDDC - what are you working to achieve?
Work on the idea that gives me satisfaction and also achieve the group goal.

What is your favorite perk/benefit about working at TRDDC?
People and their views about life, work etc.

What’s been the biggest surprise about working at TRDDC?
People are so good and helpful.

What has been the most amazing experience or day you’ve had at TRDDC thus far?
Let you know very soon !