Software Engg

Welcome to the Software Engineering Lab at TRDDC

Software Engineering has been a prominent area of research right since the inception of TRDDC. The Software Engineering Lab at TRDDC has made significant contributions that have led to a major impact on TCS’s business; particularly in re-engineering, large mission critical project development, product development for the verticals, embedded software development, programming standards checking, and requirements specification. This has been possible due to the philosophy of developing our meta-tools for modeling, program analysis, and transformation, and building on available tools for constraint solving, model checking, and so on.

The major initiatives of the lab are ‘Adaptive and agile enterprise systems’ and ‘Zero defect software’ addressing the key challenges faced in the development and evolution of software.

The close relationship that the lab shares with real world projects creates the opportunity and challenge to deal with problems of complexity and scalability, to make an impact on the business and the field of software engineering as well.

With over 100 researchers and engineers, the Software Engineering Lab is one of the largest research labs in TCS, and has a number of research groups led by highly accomplished researchers who are considered to be leaders in their area.

To know more about the research done at the Software Engineering Lab, and in case of any queries, please feel free to contact us at trddc AT tcs DOT com.

Arun Bahulkar

Arun Bahulkar
Chief Scientist and Head of Software Engineering Lab