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During third year of our engineering program, we had an opportunity to appear for a test conducted for final year project by TCS. Our group was one of the few groups selected for undertaking a project @ TRDDC. We were really thrilled to do a project here. The project was titled ‘Non-intrusive network traffic analysis and monitoring tool’. It turned out to be a tremendous learning experience. This tool is used for determining heavily loaded servers within the network and the pattern of communication between them. It provides a detailed analysis of payload, enabling machine-to-machine and application-to-application dependency tracking. Dependency tracking was an innovative idea which was rarely addressed in most of the monitoring tools. Mr. Sangameshwar Patil was our mentor. His continuous encouragement and knowledgeable guidance proved to be one of the most important factor in completion of this project. Mr. Ankit Mehrotra also guided us in the later stage of our project and helped us in the final stage. Prof. Harrick Vin supported and encouraged us throughout the project. They were always available for anything we needed - From solving our queries to discussing new ideas. Later I was offered a job as a researcher in the same group. Currently, I am working here as a researcher.

I joined TRDDC as a project trainee to pursue my final year project.I chose TRDDC, because its perhaps the only organization that pursues dedicated software research and offers a bunch of some really interesting projects to Engineering students.As a final year Engineering project we built a Non brute force chess engine. We basically tried to develop a chess playing program, that learnt how to play by looking at how good players play instead of using the processor's computational power to do it. The very experience of teaching a computer program to do something and see it work was loads of fun.The brilliant people with whom you get an opportunity to do some really quality work, is very enjoyable.Also the talks held here and the range of interests of people from Chess,Bridge to NLP,Data Mining builds a lovely atmosphere.

My final year project titled 'Predicate Abstraction of C programs' at TRDDC involved building a Function level Static Slicing tool for C Programs with respect to predicates input to the software. The project involved using the existing Data Flow Analysis capabilities to come up with an as precise abstracted version of the program. The abstracted program, which retained all the properties of the original code, was aimed at improving Analysis time for detecting generic problems such as 'division by zero'. Our mentor for this project was Mr. Shrawan Kumar. It is well known in office and outside that Sir is an expert in the field of Program Analysis. He has an uncanny knack of tackling every problem with ease. His amazing insights into the problem and thorough analysis helped us learn a lot. We were still students in college and were totally unaware of algorithmic and programming practices used in the industry. I vividly remember our first assignment, which involved writing a high level design algorithm for the approach to the project. We completed our assignment in just a day and turned in something that barely had 10 lines! J It seemed so simple and we actually thought it was flawless only to realize later that it was much more 'high level' than it was supposed to be. It was not well structured and needed much more rigorous thought to be put in. Sir helped us in the approach to solve these types of problems and guided us to think outside the box. All the time spent at TRDDC as trainees helped us hone both our analytical and programming skills. All in all, it was a great learning experience under one of the most seasoned and knowledgeable persons from one of the largest software companies in the country.

Sixth semester of college and we were desperate for projects from companies..selection by TCS came as a breath of fresh air..the monthly stipend was a bonus:) The project chosen by me and my partner Nilesh Nipane was titled 'Similarity Measures in Time-Series'. The reasons for choosing this were simple...the project dealt with data from Cricket and we were both Cricket buffs(like most Indians:) ) Also since we were both reasonably interested in Mathematics we thought of choosing this project over others which seemed far more complex (and boring :) ) We entered TRDDC and this was our first real industry experience...We got Mr Niranjan Pedanekar, Dr. Sachin Lodha and Mr. Anand Deshpande as our project guides. The next 9 months we spent in the trainee room on the second floor(adjacent to the library). This being a trainee room we didnt have any TCS associates around, just us college students. This gave us our freedom and we sure did enjoy.(particularly trying to access sblocked sites using proxies :) ) With work being fun too and having such wonderful and knowledgeable people guiding us, the project term just breezed along. We could hardly realize how the time passed. In the bargain what we learned at TRDDC was invaluable and our first industry experience stays with us forever...(esp. THANKYOU Sachin Sir)

As per the curriculum of University of Pune to do B.E. project, I gave TRDDC test for ‘student projects’ and with some fight I got one (I was in waiting list). I took TRDDC with a premature mentality of that it will be counted in my resume and other stuff like this. But now I feel the value of my decision and TRDDC. We (my project partners and me) did project under Dr. Maitreya Natu on network diagnosis and fault management and under his superb guidance (and little effort from our side ?) it resulted in two papers published in international conferences. Now being a student of IIT Kanpur, I am carrying this relation of mentor student further and I am doing my M Tech thesis under Dr. Maitreya sir. Apart from the research work, for which TRDDC is famous and I admire it, the other best thing I found here is work culture and environment and most importantly, freedom which I really enjoyed when I was doing my winter intern. I like working at TRDDC a lot n will be pleased to work here as employee in my near future. It is a great experience working at TRDDC especially under Maitreya sir and due to all these reasons I will try to do my PhD under Dr. Maitreya sir. Thanks a lot TRDDC and thanks to Maitreya sir.