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Masketeer – TCS Data Masking Tool

One outcome of our research is an in-house data masking product called Masketeer which is now being used by many TCS accounts/clients in making sensitive data available off-shore without compromising its privacy or utility.


Knowing specific issues, problems and the likes and dislikes of employees, customers, suppliers etc. is critical for any organization. Surveys are an easy, important and reliable method to measure the "pulse" of the customers, employees and other partners. A survey can help in identifying improvements to current products, services and business processes. These improvements are directly driven from the people’s needs and responses as reflected in the surveys and hence can be much more effective in increasing customer satisfaction, reducing costs, improving products etc. Business decisions based on survey results are likely to be more justified and successful in improving satisfaction. Surveys are often designed to understand and extract specific needs of a well-defined class of business stake-holders of an organization. For example, employee satisfaction survey, product evaluation survey, customer satisfaction surveys etc. We have built tools QUEST and SEEK that cover the end-to-end requirements of designing a survey, launching it on the Internet, collecting responses, displaying various charts and summaries of responses, analyzing responses to generate useful insights and actionable knowledge. QUEST has been deployed to analyze the responses to PULSE – the annual employee satisfaction survey within TCS.


Customer Support is a business critical function, vital to the smooth running of an organization and for maintaining customer satisfaction. Even internal departments such as IT provide services within the organization. Each "ticket" (recording details of a customer’s problem) is routed to an expert, who then analyses and solves the customer’s problem. TAAS is a tool that uses statistical and data mining techniques to derive insights from historical databases of past tickets. These insights help the users in transforming Customer Support related business processes – minimize time and efforts spent in ticket resolution and optimize the use of experts.

INX Information Extraction Engine

Inx is a suite of tools to perform various tasks within text mining. The main component of INX is geared for information extraction. Here the task is to extract useful information from unstructured documents and put it into a structured repository (e.g., a relational table, XML file). The structured repository can then be analyzed using statistical and data mining tools. Other modules in INX include automatic document summarization, keyword identification, document clustering etc.