Systems Research Lab

Welcome to the Systems Research Lab (SRL) at TRDDC !

SRL is the youngest R&D lab at TRDDC. It was established in April 2007, with the intent to address some of the most challenging issues in designing and optimizing large-scale systems. Our definition of a “system” is broad – it spans large-scale IT systems (e.g., data centers of large enterprises), people systems (e.g., workforce of a service provider), as well as complex engineering systems (e.g., a thermonuclear reactor or a multi-antenna telescope).

SRL currently consists of about 60 researchers and tool developers, with specialization in broad areas of algorithms and optimizations, machine learning, networks, distributed systems and operating systems. Research activities at SRL are inter-disciplinary in nature; they combine expertise from all of these areas. For our research activities, we collaborate actively with many academic institutions, including Stanford, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, UT Austin, Indian Institute of Technology at Mumbai, among others. We also interact and interface with many startups as well as strategic alliance partners in several technology areas.

Hope you enjoy your e-visit to SRL! If you have any queries about our R&D work, or are interested in career opportunities at SRL, do write to us at trddc AT tcs DOT com

Prof. Harrick Vin

Dr. Harrick Vin
Vice President and Chief Scientist; Head of Systems Research Lab