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Automatic Specification-driven Standards Enforcement Tool

What is MISRA C?

Code quality is particularly important in mission- or safety-critical systems. C remains the programming language of choice for embedded systems. The nature of the language and the freedoms it permits demands that it is used with great care in safety-related situations. In April 1998, the Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA) published "Guidelines for the use of the C language in vehicle based software", which defined a less error-prone approach to using C codified in 127 rules.

Who should use MISRA C?

Compliance with the MISRA C guidelines is a requirement in many automotive companies but could be beneficial in any development organization. The guidelines enforce sound coding practices and address the ambiguities of C; they help developers write code in a consistent manner and avoid confusing constructions.

How does ASSENT – MISRA C work?

Assent is a tool that can automatically detect potentially dangerous constructs in software.  It can be integrated into a normal SDLC, making automatic standards checking an integral part of the development process. This in turn improves quality of the code, reduce software development and maintenance cost and reduce efforts required for manual inspection.

Assent is based on a strong static program analysis technique enables checking rules which are dynamic in behavior. It performs strong data flow analysis to identify the non compliance to MISRA C rules. It also has capability to check consistency across the compilation units.

Features of ASSENT MISRA C

  • Strong underlying analysis technology, allowing semantics-based checking
  • 100% code coverage
  • Efficient detection all non conformance for a single file or complete application
  • Facilitates consistent enforcement of coding standards across the entire team through the Administrator and User installation modes
  • Scalable to large software
  • Visual correlation between non conformance and erroneous code
  • Exports facility to review non-conformances details offline

Non-conformance can be viewed in two ways
Non-conformance View: Graphical view to report the non-conformances. User can correlate between non conformance and erroneous code. The code causing the nonconformance will be highlighted by Assent.
Non-conformance Report: Non conformance can be exported to the Excel file for a single file or the project under analysis.

Compared to its peers available from market, following are differentiators

  • Scalability
  • Customization of rules
  • Addition of new rules as per the coding guidelines followed 


Although Assent performs data analysis on complete software still provides results in reasonable time. It completes the code analysis of size 500K LOC within 30 minutes for all the rules.

Platforms Supported

Windows XP/2000/NT/98/95
Sun Solaris
ASSENT can also be made available on other platforms.


Shrawan Kumar (Group Lead)
Advaita Datar
Shrikant Joshi
Pundlik Oulkar
Manisha Nikambe
Ravi Mahamuni
Raghavendra Kulkarni