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Reform (Revine)

Revine, the Program understanding and Reverse Engineering framework (now called Reform), was conceptualized and built by our group. The toolset provides aid to COBOL and PL/I developers to understand the software by identifying the usage and modification of data elements (data-flow), flow-graph of programs and paras, data-slices of variables and record fields, and information of other programming elements as well. Armed with this information, the analyst can create artefacts that can help to find out code impacted due to changes, an overall mental model of the code, and relationships between code and data. This toolset is used by a large number of Reverse Engineering and documentation projects that TCS is executing for its customers.

Our group also supports program representations (IR Models) for Revine and other tools that make use of Prism (program analyzer built by TRDDC.

Team Members: Ravinda Naik (for program representations)