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Wire Drawing Simulator

About the simulator

The challenges for the wire drawing industry include right die pass schedule design for a new product to meet mechanical properties which at the same time provides an optimal processing conditions in terms of energy consumption, die life or productivity. While a vast knowledge base and analytical models exist for the process design, a comprehensive tool to look at the whole machine in tandem including deformation and temperatures is needed to push the process design to next level.

Our FEA based simulator takes into account die pass schedule and die details, wire rod properties, machine parameters such as cooling of dies and drum, friction etc to predict loads on the dies, energy consumption, residual stresses and strains in the wire, temperature of the wire, die stress and temperature, chances for wire breakages etc. The tool can be customized for different machines based on their configuration. Wrapped in an optimizer, the tool offers you an optimized process for multiphase wiredrawing. It ensures a better pass design with ability to optimize for diverse targets, thereby minimizing production costs and maximizing profitability

wiredraw model

Benefits of VirtualWireDraw:

The VirtualWireDraw reduces energy, inventory costs and increases productivity besides helping meet the target properties of the product. It speeds up your design process and reduces dependency on expertise of individuals. It helps you:

  • Enhance mechanical properties

  • Reduce energy required for drawing

  • Increase die life

  • Increase drawing speed

  • Reduce wire breakouts

After a preliminary analysis of your data, we converge on objectives and scope and customize our tool or/and solution and help implement it and quantify benefits.

Some of the past benefits using our tool and solution include:

  • 9% reduction in energy and 10-30% increase in die life

  • Enhancing the torsional properties to eliminate rejection

  • Help eliminate the intermediate stress relieving operation