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Rational Design of Performance Chemicals

Pre processing of ores is very important as it can eliminate a lot of unwanted ingredients. This helps in meeting specifications for further processing and enhancing productivity thereafter. Most of the traditional reagent development is done through trial and error. This involves time and money and makes the process expensive. Some off-the shelf products are also used but these have limited impact. Our solution designs a customized reagent for your ore using state-of the art molecular modeling
techniques. Using a three step method, we:

  • Identify Molecular Recognition mechanisms

  • Model surface-reagent interactions: computation of Interaction Energy

  • Correlate Interaction Energy with experimental properties

Thus, we arrive at the reagent most suited to enable you process low grade ores optimally and effectively, and produce output that meets industry standards of raw material processing.


Using Molecular Modeling based Designing and development of reagents in-house, with proof of concept through rigorous experimentation, we recommend the ones that suit your needs perfectly. With this you benefit from:

  • Higher productivity and profitability as in:

    • Our selective reagents for apatite-dolomite separation give better recovery of dolomite from phosphate ores

    • Our reagents enhance dewatering performance of fine coal concentrate

  • Desired output, that complies with industry standards and adheres to specifications for future processing
  • Reduced waste disposal & land pollution.