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Optimized Sintering

The ideal sintering environment is one in which a highly productive sintering machine delivers good quality sinter, which adheres to blast furnace specifications, while optimizing factors like energy consumption, sinter bed permeability and granulation. This controls energy usage and minimizes adverse effects on the sinter machine and the blast furnace, ensuring that they support stringent production requirements.

Our model-based process optimization and control solution helps you to create and maintain this ideal environment. We bring a software tool for multivariable optimization, which aids you in controlling various factors that affect your sintering process.


Our solution is based on an integrated approach to overcome issues in the sintering operations. Some of the direct benefits you gain from it include:

  • Increased sinter machine productivity;

  • Adherence to quality requirements of blast furnace feed;

  • Enhanced control of granule size distribution and sinter bed permeability;

  • Optimized fuel consumption

Optimized Sintering