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Induration and Pelletization simulator

Quality is of utmost importance in the steel industry, at every step of operations. Low quality pellets fed to COREX, MIDREX or blast furnaces can reduce furnace productivity and the hot metal or sponge iron quality. Ensuring high pellet quality requires lower rates of production, which in turn, increases pellet production costs and impacts profitability.

Our offering helps you address these issues by improving the induration machine's productivity, maintaining desirable pellet quality and optimizing fuel usage. Enhancing your profit margins, it can also aid in minimizing gaseous emissions and in adhering to regulatory standards. Using a model-based software tool for multivariable optimization and control, we help you identify the best process operating regime for your induration process.


Potential benefits from our offering include:

  • Increased straight-grate induration machine productivity;

  • Conformation to quality requirements of COREX, MIDREX or blast furnace feeds;

  • Optimized fuel consumption

Induration and Pelletization simulator