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ConSim (Continuous Casting Simulator)

About Continuous Casting Simulator

Relying on the traditional trial and error methods to design casting processes is not only time and resource consuming; but could also result in faulty and unproductive casts and processes. This could lead to low quality products and revenue loss

Our Continuous Casting Simulator is a software tool which enhances multivariable optimization. It helps optimize and enhance the casting process by replicating the process using diverse parameters. Helping meet product quality specifications, it enhances productivity, supports innovation on grades of steel, and reduces time to market. As a part of the engagement, our team of experts will understand the conditions in your plant, cull data from your existing processes, test them with our simulator and recommend parameters that result in optimal and enhanced productivity.

Features of the simulator: 

  • Finite-element based thermo-mechanical model

  • Materials model based on laboratory data

  • Extensive model validation in shop-floor

  • Capable of handling various grades of steel

Benefits of Continuous Casting Simulator: 

Our offering helps you develop new products with minimal plant trails and enables trouble shooting, by analyzing the batches with defects and rejections. Solving issues in your casting process through our model-based process optimization and recommendations, we provided the following benefits to the industry.

  • Optimum design of cooling systems and operational parameter setting

  • 80 % elimination of cracks in billets

  • Elimination of slab stuck-up and production

  • Increase peak casting speed by 33 %; average casting speed and productivity by 12%

Thermal, Stress and Strain Profiles in the solid shell of a typical Continuous Caster