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Carburizing Simulator

About the simulator

Carburizing can so strongly affect key plant performance metrics such as productivity, product quality, energy consumption and environmental pollution. Optimizing the process is critical to successful manufacturing/heat treating. Carburizing optimization exercises have traditionally focused on individual performance metrics such as energy consumption, case depth or productivity.

TCS Carburizing Simulator simultaneously considers all quality parameters including diffusion of carbon, final microstructure and distortion, energy consumption and productivity. Our simulator is sensitive to furnace emissions and regulatory conformance as well. Be it through batch or continuous methods, our professionals work to gain a thorough understanding of specific issues in the operations, use advanced process analytics techniques on your process data and customize the simulator to bring it closer to your needs and validate it before implementation. Using this model-based solution, we help define the right process parameters that yield the desired output. With a set of recommendations that emerge after running the simulator, we help optimize the processes, minimize rework and gain real value.

Benefits of Carburizing Simulator

The Carburizing Simulator can help improve your caburizing functions and

  • Reduce their cycle time and enhance productivity;

  • Reduce the energy consumption, carbon footprint and emissions;

  • Increase the product quality.

Carburizing Simulator