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Batch annealing of cold rolled steel coils is a critical unit operation in the cold rolling mill, having strong influence on key plant performance parameters, namely, energy consumption, productivity and product quality. An integrated Batch Annealing Furnace Simulator (BAFSIMTM) with the capability to predict spatial and temporal evolution of temperature, microstructure and mechanical properties in cold rolled coils during the batch annealing process has been developed. Its potential applications include product development, efficient process optimization and online control resulting in benefits in terms of overall cost reduction, energy reduction, productivity enhancement and quality improvement.

Benefits of Model Based Optimization of Batch Annealing Operation:

  • Our simulation-based solution helps design the apt process cycles for optimizing productivity, energy and quality. It also:

  • Provides online and dynamic control of the furnace set points, based on current temperature and required properties.

  • Shares model outputs as soft sensors for quality parameters which can't be measured online. 

  • Serves as a platform for developing the right annealing cycle for new grades of steel, with reduced plant trials.

  • Supports in analyzing the batch with rejections.

  • Predicts/ identifies quality parameters, which can be used by the enterprise-wide information management system.

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