Welcome to TRDDC!

The Tata Research Development and Design Centre (TRDDC) was established in 1981 as a division of Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS), India's largest IT services organization. TRDDC is today one of India’s premier research and development centres; it is also the largest R&D facility among the network of Innovation Labs at TCS. TRDDC offers a collaborative and open innovation environment for engaging with industry partners and clients in various domains, academia, strategic technology partners, startups, standards organizations, among others.

TRDDC is home to three R&D labs: Process Engineering, Software Engineering and Systems Research.  The R&D work at TRDDC leads to the creation of tools and processes that simplify the development, maintenance and management of large IT and engineering systems. In addition, several of our projects are directed at improving the environment, healthcare and education. Our goal is to develop novel solutions that not only advance significantly the state of the art, but also have significant societal and commercial impact.  TRDDC


TRDDC also hosts the annual TCS Excellence in Computer Sciences Week (TECS Week). TECS Week promotes and spreads excellence in Computer Science by bringing the expertise of the best researchers around the world to students and practitioners of Computer Science in India and neighboring countries.  


Whether you are interested in specific R&D projects at TRDDC, looking for a suitable career opportunity at TRDDC, or just getting an overview of TCS R&D, welcome !