We aim to address the core issue of effectively incorporating the changing business needs into the software system. Our explorations are focussed around two themes - techniques to improvise Evolution of Software, and Reverse Engineering of source code into models. The projects on which we work are:

  1. Re-factoring of legacy, procedural code
  2. Discovery of State Transition Models from code
  3. Change Specifications
  4. Backwards Debugging
  5. Standardization of program representations at OMG

The list of tools that we have developed are:

  1. ProAX
  2. ReAL-i (RPG to J2EE)
  3. Reform (Revine)

People working in the area are: Adnan Contractor, Anushri Agrawal, Hemanth Makkapati, Hitesh Sajnani, Ravindra Naik ,Rahul Jiresal, Sharvari Patil, Sarita Patil.