HUEMAN is a new group formed inside Software Engineering Labs. In the People, Process and Technology triangle, corner-stones contributing to software engineering, the Process and Technology angles have been well-understood, document and researched. However the third “Human” or People angle which makes significant contribution to software engineering needs deeper investigation.

Even today, majority of software is hand-crafted (rather mind crafted) and the unpredictability of Human behavior and mind makes it difficult to bring sophistication in the trade of software engineering. The Human component - be it the motivation or energy, the emotion, the creativity and the negligence or error, largely decides success or failure of software projects or engineered products.

Looking at it other way round, the software engineering and produce also impacts Human life profoundly. Life of software professionals certainly, but the contribution and penetration of software in the society at large is also wide and varied.

These “Hues” of human that either contribute to OR are impacted by software engineering will be researched in this HUEMAN group.

Initially the specific areas of focus are:

  1. Learning Aspects of Software Project Management – researching innovative ways of learning that can create lasting impact on practicing project managers
  2. Human energy, emotion, creativity and error in software engineering
  3. Societal contributions of Software Engineering
  4. Work and life enrichment through software engineering profession